PT. Toba Hijau Sinergi (THS)

We are a company Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation (EPCI) Company specializing in the design and manufacturing process tools, process equipment used primarily for environmental management such as:

  • The processing plant oil palm empty bunches into alternative fuels (Biomass & Biogas)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Electrocoagulation
  • B3 Waste Recovery Process
  • Filter Press and others.

At this time PT. Toba Green Synergy has set up a factory plant palm oil Empty Fruit Bunch. And has been operational at the end of 2016.


Thinking globally and acting on local wisdom.

PT. Toba Green Synergy has a vision to be a world-class company that is professional and reliable in the field of Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy with sustainable growth and capable of creating jobs which is the broadest in the entire region where our companies operate.


Provide the best products and services to customers by providing clean, renewable energy and environmentally friendly and provide engineering solutions for the environment, industry and the community around us.


Our company pay great attention to the environmental conditions, so that the products produced strived to be friendly to the environment and to meet government regulations and the international community on the environment.

Through the support of the engineers and professional staff, the main priority of the PT. Toba Green Synergy is to provide the best for the customer’s benefit and produce solutions for the problems faced by customer plant oil palm and rubber, among others:

Treatment of wastewater / solid
Countermeasures Air Pollution
B3 waste processing